Yellow Pryor,


Yellow Pryor is a rare tobacco originating in the United States.

It is a virginia style tobacco that is traditionally flue cured to produce a light yellowish brown leaf.

It is a medium yield tobacco that is primarily used for cigarette and pipe tobacco blends.

Yellow Pryor grows to 6ft tall when allowed to flower and produces beautiful pink flowers.

The plant matures in approximately 50-60 days post transplants.



Use and Flavor:


Yellow Pryor is a pipe and cigarette tobacco.

It produces a medium body sweet and earthy smoke. Its medium sugar content means that it can be used for a light cavendish and can also be fermented to enhance its aroma and produce a complex taste profile.




This tobacco grows to approximately 6 ft tall in high quality soils, the leaves it produces are heavy and cure to a light color.

It is a high yield plant and it grows quickly inĀ  most soil and climatic conditions.

It produces intense pink flowers.

Plant matures and tobacco is ready to harvest in 50-60 days post transplant.


The seeds listed herein are from our own private plantation. The photos include photos of our own plants as well as plants sent to us by our clients/friends from the seeds that we have provided.

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Yellow Pryor

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