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Corojo 99,


One of the original Cuban tobaccos – Corojo 99 is perhaps one of the most important tobaccos in our inventory.

Corojo 99 is a much more disease resistant variation of the El Corojo heirloom tobacco. It is commonly used as a mother to produce hybrid tobaccos.

Corojo 99 is a tobacco that is exclusively dedicated to cigars. It produces medium sized leaves that cure and ferment to a nice brown color.


Use and Flavor:


Corojo 99 produces a medium body tobacco. It is commonly used as filler and binder for cigar blends. Recently it has found its way into the production of cigar wrappers due to its size.





This tobacco grows to approximately 7  ft in high quality soils, the leaves it produces are heavy and cure to a light brown color.

It is a medium yield plant and it grows quickly in  most soil and warm climatic conditions.

It produces intense pink flowers.

Plant matures and tobacco is ready to harvest in 40-50 days post transplant.

Corojo in general is notorious for its sucker growth.


The seeds listed herein are from our own private plantation. The photos include photos of our own plants as well as plants sent to us by our clients/friends from the seeds that we have provided.

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