Wisconsin 901,


An American tobacco species produced in Wisconsin and spread successfully worldwide.

It is a columnar plant with tight leave growth.

It is a hardy strain of tobacco that is resilient to most common tobacco diseased.



Use and Flavor:


Commonly used as cigar binder and filler.

It is great for creating cigarette and pipe blends.

Wisconsin 901 has an intense and unique flavor.  It produces a full bodied smoke.

The stronger (Ligero) leaves carry earthy notes, salty with and heavily peppery/spicy.





This species grows to almost 7.00 ft, the leaves it produces are large and cure to a light brown color.

It is one of the most high yield species.

Wisconsin 901 grows quickly in  almost all climates, older plants are more resilient to frost.

It produces white, bell-like flowers, with a pinkish hue at the petals.

The plant reaches maturity quick (55-60 days to first harvest).



The seeds listed herein are from our own private plantation. The photos include photos of our own plants as well as plants sent to us by our clients/friends from the seeds that we have provided.

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Wisconsin 901

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