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In this short article I will discuss how we test the germination our seeds, how often and why.


Every 3 months, we test the germination of our seeds.

To do this, we simply grab a random package from each species of the seeds we sell, open it and apply the seeds to pre-prepared transplant trays/dishes (see photos below).

The dishes are date and species marked and we take close note of when and how long it takes for the seeds to germinate.

Since we know approximately how many seeds are in each package, once they have germinated we count and we extrapolate to prepare our germination % statistics.

We then compare these statistics with the ones we saved in our database from the first time we planted tobacco.

On this note, our statistics are massively higher than our closest competitors with an excess of 95% germination on all our species this far – even the hardiest tobacco strains.



Images – germination testing


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As we stated many times throughout our website, we are always delighted in hearing the experience of fellow as well as sharing more information. So please feel free to contact us directly for any questions, remarks and for any additional information.

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