Aztec Rustica,


Aztec Rustica (referred to as Rustica), is one of the most important tobacco species in history.

This tobacco has been originally introduced in the Americas by the natives where it was used for shamanic purposes.

It is a very hardy species of tobacco that can grow in most climates and produces beautiful dark green leaves that when cured develop into light brown tobacco.

Rustica, as with Mohawk is a very strong tobacco both in taste and Nicotine content. It is used for pipe smoking, some cigarette blends and in very low quantities for cigar blends.

This is one of the easiest tobacco species to grow and is recommended for growers with low or no experience.

This strain is the Rapa Nui strain that originated from the Easter Islands (hence the name Rapa Nui).


Use and Flavor:


Commonly used as shamanic tobacco, also used for cigarettes, pipes and lightly in cigar blends.

Rustica has a strong flavor and a very high nicotine content.




This tobacco grows to approximately 3 ft in high quality soils, the leaves it produces are small and cure to a light/yellowish brown color.

It is a medium/low yield plant and it grows quickly in  most soil and climatic conditions.

It produces short, stubby white, bell-like flowers with a light green tint on the petals.

Fast maturing plant –  40-55 days.


The seeds listed herein are from our own private plantation. The photos include photos of our own plants as well as plants sent to us by our clients/friends from the seeds that we have provided.

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Rustica Rapa Nui

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