A species of tobacco originating from Germany.

This is a tobacco that produces a heavy green leaf and performs very well in cooler environments. Usually planted in early spring.

The tobacco is ready for harvesting between 40-50 days post transplant.


Use and Flavor:


Commonly used for pipe tobacco as a blend enhancer. Adonis produces a light spicy flavor with medium nicotine levels.

Adonis is also used for cigarettes, chew and cigar tobacco – where it is blended in lower quantities to modify a blend.




This tobacco grows to approximately 4 ft in high quality soils, the leaves it produces are medium and cure to a dark yellowish brown color.

It is a medium/high yield plant and it grows quickly in  most soil and climatic conditions.

It produces bell-like flowers with a deep tint on the petals.

Fast maturing plant –  40-50days.


The seeds listed herein are from our own private plantation. The photos include photos of our own plants as well as plants sent to us by our clients/friends from the seeds that we have provided.

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